Choosing the Best Coffee Flavor for Your Mood

Coffee is a beverage that tastes great just like it is, but you can take it from great to excellent just by adding your favorite flavoring. Not only that, but you can choose a flavor based on your mood.

Flavorings have long been known to either enhance a mood or change it. You can buy these flavorings in many varieties. Some of them are made with cane sugar while others are sugar free.

But regardless of which type you buy, they can all impact your mood. If you’re feeling peaceful and you want to hold on to that calmness, then you want to choose a slightly warm flavoring.

A type of warm flavoring would be one like caramel. This flavoring is known to soothe. Toasted almond flavoring is another one that’s known to go along with a calm mood or to calm a mood that’s slightly agitated.

French vanilla is another flavoring that’s great for when you’re feeling calm. Adding a splash of mocha or other types of chocolate such as white chocolate can improve your mood if you’re feeling down.

Chocolate stimulates the feel good hormones in the brain. If you’re feeling stressed about something, then you’ll want to add a little peppermint coffee flavoring to your coffee.

Peppermint is a mood soother and a few drops to your beverage will help dissipate the tension associated with stress. Sometimes feeling stressed about something can lead to anger.

You can use peppermint for anger as well, but you can also use peach flavoring. Cinnamon flavoring is a good choice for when your mood is tense. If your mood is one of cheerfulness, then you want to add a little raspberry flavoring to your coffee.

This flavoring matches your mood. For people who are feeling energetic and hyped about the day and just can’t wait to get started, you might want to add a little blueberry flavoring.

It can match that energized mood you’re in. If you’re feeling amused and happy, any fruit type of flavoring is good for this mood. You can add strawberry or peach flavoring, but the blueberry will also work for this mood as well.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel annoyed or irritated. While coffee alone can help calm those feelings, you can add flavoring and get an added boost that will help restore you to feeling calmer.

Look for mint or Irish crème flavorings if you’re experiencing this kind of mood. If you’re feeling thankful, then you’ll want to give maple flavoring a try. It enhances moods that are based in gratitude or optimism.

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